September 26, 2023

South Sudan News Agency

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According to South African experts, we need to know about this version of the Omigron virus.

To date, no new version of the corona virus named Omigran has been identified in South Africa, said Angelique Coates, president of the South African Medical Association, on Sunday.

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The Omigron virus variant was first detected in South Africa with significant mutations compared to previous corona virus variants. Speaking on a political program on BBC British Public Service television on Sunday, Angelique Coates said she had found that patients with abnormal but very mild symptoms, especially those with muscle aches and fatigue, had been tested for the corona virus.

Professor Kotzi said he had drawn the attention of health officials to the origin of the new corona virus variant and thus identified the Omigron version. He stressed:

None of the South Africans infected with the Omigran virus variant have yet been admitted to hospital.

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