August 10, 2022

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A true story I wish I had never heard

Skye Borgman, director of the memorable Abduction in Plain Sight, comes up with a thrilling documentary. After the 2017 film, which tells the story of John Broberg Felt, a teenager who is kidnapped twice by his neighbor Robert Berchtold in the 1970s,

He still managed to process a difficult and depressing story.

I know this isn’t the best recommendation to write for a doc, but I have to say that if anyone wants to regain their faith in humanity right now, they should pick something else to watch for the evening. On the other hand, those who are bored of Netflix-produced true-crime documentaries that have no lessons in the world and are shot in too many unnecessary parts will not be disappointed with Girl in the PQ. As I already mentioned only in humanities.

In April 1990, an assault victim was found on the side of the road not far from Oklahoma City. It is believed that the woman may have been attacked from behind while walking home from the shop as food items were scattered all over her body. He was taken to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. He is 20 years old. Next day her husband came. After he went to his wife’s shop, he fell asleep, so he did not notice that he did not come home.

The woman’s injuries did not indicate they were the result of running, which had already been noticed at the hospital. Here, the viewer may still think that the story is trying to show that the husband killing his wife was an accident.

But what comes next is a thousand times more serious.

The husband says his name is Clarence Hughes and his wife’s name is Tonya Hughes. They also have a child named Michael. However, when they try to inform the woman’s mother that her daughter is dead, she tells them that her child died at a young age decades ago. But who was this young woman lying by the roadside?

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They first discover that her real name is Sharon Marshall, who was one of her high school sweethearts and won a scholarship to the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, where she plans to study aerospace engineering. In the end, he never got to university, he ended up in a strip bar, and his abusive father deprived him of his income. Who, in time, is a man named Clarence Hughes, so he is her husband.

After that, the plot does not become simpler, in fact it becomes more and more ominous, and for a long time it is only clear that something bad has happened to this girl, whoever she is. By the middle of the film, the stone is already so firmly seated in one’s stomach that the audience can be sure that things will only get worse from here, and of course it will.

No Sharon Marshall or Tonya Tatlock

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix/Netflix

However, the focus of The Girl in the Picture is not on the person who committed the atrocities, but on the victim and the great men who, after her murder, did everything to restore her name.

The image referred to in the title (the woman in the picture) that has haunted most viewers for a long time refers to a photograph of a little girl sitting on the lap of a man who identifies himself as Clarence Hughes. He is a textbook example of the apathy seen on the faces of abused children – with a facial expression that suggests something bad is happening to him. It was the same girl who was beaten to death on the roadside ten years later.

The girl in the picture

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix/Netflix

One of the main virtues of the woman in the film is that, although it depicts all the terrible things that happened in a very plastic way, it treats the victim very emotionally and brings it very close to the viewer from the very beginning. story While we believe there were happy times, we are not convinced by the film’s ending.

The girl, whose real name we finally learn, had a dream that hurts to think about. Not an interesting crime thriller directed by Skye Borgman, but a girl who has been cheated on and taken advantage of in every way finally gets her name and voice back. Even if he doesn’t get justice anymore.