September 29, 2023

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A sixth wave is already raging in model countries for protection against the coronavirus

Yair Labit Prime Minister and Nigan Horowitz The health minister held a meeting on Sunday at the prime minister’s office in Jerusalem to discuss the treatment of the sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

At the situation assessment meeting, experts from the Ministry of Health presented data and gave advice to the country’s leaders. The aim was to maintain the highest level of daily life in addition to measures necessary during epidemics.

Experts have emphasized the principle of “dynamic preparedness”, which means that measures will be taken according to the monitoring of coronavirus cases, the increase in cases, and depending on the change in the situation.

They regularly maintain the stock of medicines at a constant level and ensure that necessary purchases are made.

We are approaching the peak of tourist season at airports and in Israel. This will affect the spread rate, so it is important to maintain a level of preparedness

Lapid said at the meeting, where he thanked health authorities for effectively treating the epidemic.

He asked people to get tested in case of suspicion and to comply with quarantine if the infection is confirmed, as the number of patients continues to rise, and recommended that everyone, especially vulnerable groups, wear masks in closed spaces.

According to Health Ministry data based on less testing on Saturday, 6,863 new virus carriers were identified the previous day, and the rate of positive results was 42.46 percent. Currently, 96,558 active cases have been registered in Israel, and since the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the country of about 9.4 million people has registered 4,371,906 cases.

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According to a ministry statement on Wednesday, 342 of the 1,107 patients in hospitals are in critical condition, 44 need the help of ventilators, and one patient is being ventilated with an artificial lung.

Since the end of December last year, 6,712,425 Israelis over the age of five – 72.18 percent of the country’s population – have been vaccinated at least once with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. 4,501,375 received three vaccinations, and 828,992 received a fourth – i.e. second booster – vaccination.

According to the Ministry of Health website, 10,977 people have died from the disease caused by the coronavirus in the five waves of the epidemic since February 2020. In the last seven days, 29 people have died, which is a decrease of 23.7 percent compared to the previous seven days.

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