September 28, 2023

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A shark attacks a man, who is saved by dolphins

Man was already preparing for certain death when the dolphins appeared.

Martin Richardson He was swimming in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt when he was attacked by a short-finned mako shark, writes Direct science. The man had been bitten by the beast five times and was sure he was going to die when something unusual happened.

That person is National Geographic Sharkfest (Shark Festival) was informed about the incident on his show. As he said, the shark had no reason to stop its attack.

Richardson lost about 2.8 liters of blood and had already given up the fight when the dolphins appeared nearby.

The shark then stopped attacking and the man was rescued by a boat after a while. In the end, his wounds received 300 stitches.

In a related chapter, National Geographic describes four cases in which cetaceans saved people in trouble from sharks. Although the cases are romantic, Tom Hird According to one marine biologist, it’s not certain whether the dolphins or the whales actually helped.

Mike Heydas, from Florida International University, doesn’t think the animals could have spared Richardson on purpose. “If dolphins see a large blood cloud, they know there’s a shark in the area,” the researcher said. If they have wine, they will frighten predators to protect them. In the episode coming to America on July 2, the other three cases are analyzed in detail.

Although sharks are feared by many, they rarely attack humans, with only 57 unprovoked cases worldwide in 2022. In comparison, humanity destroys millions of animals through overfishing.

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