September 27, 2023

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A Republican senator explained why men watch pornography and play video games

Strange figures can be seen in the Capitol in Washington even in peacetime, with incel shamans who do not trust QAnon roaring unselfishly inside. The same is true of radical Republican Senator Josh Howley and the Federalist, who spoke out against feminism at a Conservative conference in Orlando on Monday. Brought it down.

Josh Howley


Solutions such as:

  • With men and masculinity being criticized for so many years, it is not surprising that more and more men are trapped in the world of inactivity, pornography and video games;
  • Leftists want to create a world without men.
  • Boys are increasingly seen as an incurable disease;
  • They seek to make traditional masculinity toxic and to perpetuate traditional masculine virtues – courage, freedom, self-confidence – lurking in society.

Howley was laughed at on Twitter, especially for trying to speak in favor of all men.

If Josh Howley is an expert on masculinity, I would like to briefly share my thoughts on quantum physics.

In the good old days Pesek, when they were still alone, American men fucked with silicone-stuffed queens and shot piles of space creatures that came their way every day!

According to Josh Howley, American men watch pornography and play video games, thus criticizing their masculinity. Yes, their parents, if they ask Joshi, when you walk away, you stop blowing your nose, you finally get the job!

(Via Defender)

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