June 2, 2023

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A pregnant woman died on a stretcher at the Mariupol maternity home

The film, which explores a pregnant woman on a stretcher from the maternity home where the bomb exploded, has traveled around the world. Bombing of Children’s Hospital and Maternity Hospital This is one of the most horrific moments in Russia’s war against Ukraine to date. The woman in the picture and her baby Associated Press Died according to the article.

Doctors tried to save her life to find out that the woman was being transferred to another hospital. Ambulances, when they realized the woman had lost her baby, shouted at them, “Kill her.” The surgeon told AP that the woman’s hip was crushed and her hip was dissected, which is why doctors used a caesarean section to help the baby, which showed no signs of life. “The mother’s resuscitation did not work for more than 30 minutes. They are both dead, ”surgeon Timur Marin told the AP.

Photo: EyePress via AFP

In the aftermath of Wednesday’s airstrikes, paramedics did not have time to find the woman’s name before her husband and father received the body. “But at least someone came,” the aides said of the woman who did not get that way Mariupoli mass graves To one of them.

The Russians said the maternity hospital had been occupied by Ukrainian militants and had been used as a base, with no patients or doctors present. Russia’s UN envoy and Russian embassy in London have called the photos released after the bombing “fake news.”

An article in the AP states that they have been reporting on the siege of Mariupol since the beginning of the war, documenting the attack on the children’s hospital and maternity home, and taking video and photos of pregnant women fleeing from the gynecologist and shouting at doctors. Crying children.

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