September 27, 2023

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A new, alarming virus mutation has been detected and an immediate alert has been issued

French scientists have warned of the possibility of the spread of a new corona virus variant in samples of 12 patients from staff at the IHU Mediterranée Infection Institute in Marseille.


Scientists in the UK released a study on Monday Quoted. All 12 patients were from one region, presumably for the first time since the patient recently returned home from Cameroon. Therefore, the new virus variant is likely to come from Africa. Scientists working on a project funded by the French government Study According to the new version 46 mutations have been identified and the current identifier for the variant is B.1.640.2. Tests show that this variant has a mutation called E484K, which is thought to make the body’s immune response more resistant to the virus. There is the N501Y mutation, which was first detected in a variant called alpha, which experts say exacerbates the virus’s infection.

The company’s researchers have previously pointed out on Twitter that a new variant has been discovered in patient samples from the Alpes de Haute Provence area. This may give hope that the new version will be available in early December Found, And since then it has not been the Omigron variant that has led to the significant rise of epidemics in France. This may indicate that it is less contagious than the current wave-causing version.

What about mutants?

Anyway, the exchange for how much to worry about the new version has already begun. One expert pointed out that the precursor to the current version had already been identified before the Omigron variant, and that the latter was more important from an epidemiological point of view, as the latter was widespread. Others, on the other hand, suggested that in the area where the “IHU variant” was detected, the burden of hospital intensive care facilities may be high and a sign that the disease it causes may be more severe.

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New mutations in the SARSCov2 virus that causes Covit-19 disease appear from time to time, which does not mean that it is more dangerous than the original version called alpha or delta. One variant is generally well known and “worrisome” if its infection is greater than before and its mutations increase the chances of avoiding the protection provided by the vaccine, similar to the currently dominant Omigran.

Omicron was only announced on November 26 by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a version of the concern. Conversely, a few weeks later, this version was already responsible for most of the new cases registered in Europe and the United States.

Following the release of the new version of the report, Covid-19 is being relaxed in France Isolated rulesReduce the burden of the Omigron epidemic on the economy and society. For those tested positive, the isolation period was reduced from 10 days to 7 days, ending up to five days after the negative test.