September 27, 2023

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A country where not everyone is allowed to get the third vaccine

According to the ministry, boosters are recommended for people living with HIV, cancer patients, organ transplant recipients and people with immunodeficiency, regardless of the vaccine they have previously received. There are currently four types of vaccines in Ukraine: Koronavak, Sinovak, Pfizer-Bioendech Kamirnati and developed in South Korea by Astrogeneka and Modernna.

The UNIAN news agency recalled that Liasco had previously said it would start administering third doses when the vaccination rate in Ukraine reaches 70 percent.

National Chief Medical Officer Ihor Kucin, Deputy Minister of Health, said those recommended for taking the booster dose should receive it within the second 28-90 days so that their immune system can better protect against corona virus infection. He noted that after the first dose, about 110,000 Ukrainians did not give themselves a second dose.

Meanwhile, Yuri Hanishenko, president of the Kiev School of Economics (KSE), told an online conference that the workload of hospitals had been steadily declining for four weeks and that oxygen-equipped beds had been reduced by 35 percent. “Currently, two-thirds of such hospital beds are free,” he added. He said 28 per cent more patients are currently being discharged from hospitals and sent home than the number of new patients entering the institutions. He says the number of new infections in Ukraine has dropped by 17 percent in the past week, and remains steady for the fifth week in a row.

In Ukraine, the number of victims so far on Tuesday increased by 7,283 to 3,570,448 and the death toll by 387 to 91,602. The number of active patients, meanwhile, has dropped to more than 24,000 and 245,837. The previous day, 1123 patients with corona virus and suspected infections were taken to hospital.

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According to the latest data, 12,544,437 people in the country of about 42 million people have so far been given two doses of the vaccine, and 1,629,964 have received only the first dose. On Monday, 129,742 people were vaccinated.