June 26, 2022

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A city is on the verge of collapse, the Russians are getting ready for something again near the Ukrainian border – our war news on Monday

A Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said Monday that artillery fire on a hangar at the Okean shipyard had destroyed more than 15 Ukrainian tanks and infantry vehicles and five large-scale artillery shells in Mykolayiv.

According to the General, Russian missiles and artillery destroyed 62 command points in the past day, including 593 manpower and military equipment at 55 firing range, including its southern operations headquarters in the Novy Bohil in the Mykoliv region. BM-21 Grad missile missiles, 46 weapons and military equipment and an ammunition depot.

The Russian Defense Ministry said in the afternoon that the battery of cartridges made in Italy was also destroyed in the crash with precision ammunition. According to an earlier report, Italy shipped FH70 bullets to Ukraine.

According to Konashenko, high-precision air-to-ground missiles have two battalion headquarters, a communications center and 34 concentrated manpower and military equipment in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Tactical Air Force fighter jets and drones struck three command points and 67 human and military equipment bases, killing 320 “nationalists” and deactivating 47 military equipment. The air force fired 15 Ukrainian drones and nine Smerks missiles.

According to a summary of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian armed forces were engaged in the war with 183 aircraft, 128 helicopters, 1,064 drones, 325 anti-aircraft missiles, 3,323 tanks and other armored vehicles, 451 rocket launchers and 1,73 rifles.

Ramzan Kadyrov The Chechen leader told the Telegram channel that Russian forces had taken control of 80 to 90 percent of the village of Kamusevaha in the county of Saboria.

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A RIA Novostyi news agency reported on Monday morning that the Ukrainian army had opened fire on residential areas in Luhansk from the Severodonetsk in the Luhansk region, occupied by sections of the “People’s Militants”. Before Ivan FiliponienkoA spokesman for a militant group said the unit had succeeded in entering the city with the support of Russian armed forces.

Grill Stremosov, The deputy head of the Russian-controlled military-civilian administration in Herzonezos, announced on Sunday night that the Ukrainian armed forces had made two failed attempts to break through the defensive line near the village of David Brit. Stremsov said the Ukrainian army eventually left at least 70 soldiers who had fallen on the battlefield. He expressed his assumption that the Ukrainians lost about 200 people and 20 vehicles in the first attempt alone.

Several cities in the Donetsk Basin recorded casualties in Ukrainian artillery attacks by local authorities on Monday. Dmitry Peskov, A Kremlin spokesman said it was “outrageous” for the Ukrainian military to attack civilian targets. He said the Russian military wanted to protect civilians from this.