September 28, 2023

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A Chinese man who terrorized and killed his neighbor’s chickens in revenge could go to jail

A Chinese man responsible for the death of 1,100 chickens took the concept of neighborly enmity to a new level because he was angry with his neighbor.

A Chinese man jailed for killing 1,100 chickens after angering his neighbors has taken the concept of neighborly feuding to a whole new level.

The CNN In his article, the culprit is identified as Gu, who took extreme revenge at the expense of his neighbor. Relations between the two parties, who live in a township in Hengyang County, Hunan Province, soured in April 2022 when a neighbor cut down Qu’s trees. In retaliation, the man sneaked into his neighbor’s chicken farm at night with a flashlight and started scaring the animals with the flashlight. The panicked chickens trampled each other and ran, and five hundred animals died during the fight. The man was caught, prosecuted and fined 3,000 yuan (HUF 150,000).

However, Gu was so bent on revenge that he sneaked back in to scare the chickens: a second time he used the same flashlight method to cause the death of 640 animals. This time, however, he didn’t get away with a fine: the court found that he caused his neighbors nearly 14,000 yuan (almost HUF 700,000) in damage, as more than 1,100 chickens died. Gu showed remorse in court, so in the end he got a year of probation instead of six months in jail, but if he scares the chickens again, he will be sent to prison immediately.

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