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9 winners and losers after the Steelers beat the Seahawks

9 winners and losers after the Steelers beat the Seahawks

The Pittsburgh Steelers They returned to the field Saturday night when they hosted Seattle Seahawks In the 1st week of Pre-season NFL. The Steelers were a contest winner, but that doesn’t mean every player performed well.

With it being pre-season, many of the players criticized will not be hired by the Steelers organization in September, but the judging process must continue. Players who play well can be considered “winners”, while those who leave much to be desired can be considered “losers”. It may sound harsh, but it’s the gist of this exercise.

Let’s check to see who fell on which side of the ledger after the first game in pre-season…


Mitch Trubesky
base line: 4/7, 63 yards, average 9.0, 1 TD, 0 IQ, 0 bags, 126.8 rating

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Trubisky on his first time with the Steelers. To be honest, I thought he might be suffering a little; However, I was glad I was wrong. Trubisky looked cool and calm, and did something rarely done in the past three seasons – scoring in the opening round. Good start for Mitch in Pittsburgh.

Mason Rudolph
base line: 9/15, 93 yards, 6.2 average, 1 TD, 0 IQ, 1 bag for 10 yards, 100.1 rating

Rudolph’s beginning was in stark contrast to Trubisky’s. Trubisky looked smooth and measured, and Rudolph’s first shot was a tape bag that the Steelers happily recovered. In the end, Rudolph hit George Pickens to land a nice touchdown after just two games. Rudolph played well enough to keep himself in the mix.

Kenny Beckett
base line: 13/15, 95 yards, 6.3 medium, 2 TD, 0 IQ, two bags for 17 yards, 132.6 rating

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Playing the entire second half, Beckett didn’t seem upset or excited at all. Pickett has been announced, and the fan base will want to see more of Pickett in the coming weeks. Will he get a chance with backups? Beginners? Beckett’s Saturday Night play is certainly good on autobiography.

George Pickens
base line: 3 rec, 43 yards, medium 14.3, 1 TD, 26 long, 5 goals

If Pickens’ hype train is picking up steam heading into the first week of pre-season, he’s officially off the rails. Pickens grabbed the game’s first pass, and topped it off with a crazy touchdown touchdown as he got to his feet like a seasoned veteran. The ex-Georgia Bulldog has a different look on him, one that hasn’t been seen in Pittsburgh, as a newbie, in a long time.

Run backup
Statistics lines:
Anthony McFarland: 7 loads, 56 yards, 8.0 average, 24 long
Jaylen Warren: 6 carry, 34 yards, 5.7 medium, 13 long, 1 touchdown
Master Teague III: 6 holds, 31 yards, 5.2 medium, 9 long

With Nagy Harris and Benny Snell not playing the game, these backup running backs put their best foot forward. MacFarland, Warren, and Teague put together a great outing in every aspect. As Warren put the football on the lawn, I had the pleasure of watching the Steelers run the ball as they did throughout the entire game.

Stephen Sims
base line: 1 rush, 38 yards/1 receiving, 2 yards/1 punt return, 38 yards

One man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity. This is a sentence that fans have heard from Mike Tomlin for a long time and it certainly holds true with Stephen Sims. With Anthony Miller (shoulder) and Calvin Austin III (foot) out of the squad on Saturday, Sims did everything he could to make a case for himself on the make-up of the 53-man roster. A big run and a big return that got people turning their heads. He might not have gotten a chance if the other two players were ready to play.

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Gunner Olszewski
base line: 3 rec, 47 yards, 15.7 medium, 1 TD, 25 long, 4 targets

Gunner O was not used much as a receiver in its time with New England PatriotsBut he certainly looked like he could catch up with football. Olszewski led the team into the receiving yard, landing in the opening drive. A nice addition to a sophisticated offense.

3 Down Down
base line: 7 vs 13

If you are new to this article, I always want to see the .500 Offense Overshoot in this category. Mission accomplished on Saturday night.

base line: 2 for 15 yards

On top of third bottom proficiency, the Steelers aren’t penalized as badly, which is fine when you’re talking about third and fourth series players who grind for a quarter or more in a pre-season game.


defense rush
base line: Holds SEA 26, 159 yards, 6.1 medium, 1 TD, 18 long

The team was short on hands, and didn’t have Cam Heyward, TJ Watt, Larry Ogunjobi or Montravius ‚Äč‚ÄčAdams, but you’d expect the backups, especially those with experience, to be better. Mike Tomlin said it best when asked about the loss of Heyward and Watt, “The standard is the standard.” On Saturday night, the benchmark wasn’t good enough when it came to stopping running.

Injured players
base line: It’s better to be healthy quickly

When you look at the players that have come and gone, you have to think that some players might feel pressure to get back on the field before the next pre-season game. Players like Benny Snell Jr., Marcus Allen and even Kevin Dotson have to be excited to get back out there after the other players put in their best on the biggest stage so far this season.

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