June 2, 2023

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89% of Pfizer’s corona antivirals are manufactured in 95 countries

According to his announcement Paxlovit Tablets Manufacturing License Drug Patent Fund (MPP), UN-backed Geneva-based Drug Patent Fund, Which sends recognition to pharmaceutical companies. However, the agreement excludes some populated countries, such as Brazil, which are severely affected by the corona virus infection, from making paxlovite for their own population, which is made only for export.

Esteban Burrone, one of the leaders of the MPP, described the deal as significant This will make the drug available to more than 4 billion people. He stressed the importance of speed, which means that although the general medical use of Paxlovid is not yet recognized anywhere, pharmaceutical companies can start production within a few months. However, the agreement with Pfizer may not be optional for everyone, as while access to the drug is crucial for the MPP, it must also protect Pfizer’s business interests.

The International Organization of Physicians Without Borders did not welcome the agreement, describing it as “soulless” with no licenses worldwide, and excluded China, Argentina and Thailand from manufacturing licenses.

Pfizer announced in early November that it had completed clinical trials of its oral drug Govit-19 for SARS-CoV-2 corona virus infection. Paxlovid reduces the risk of hospital admission or death by 89 percent From corona virus infection in those at risk of progressing to severe disease.

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