June 2, 2023

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4 weird and bizarre laws of North Korea: There are days when smiling is forbidden – communication

Each country has its own laws, but North Korea is very different from most countries in these matters. Dictatorship is a completely different world, where life is very different and there are very strange restrictions on outsiders.

The life of the citizens is incredibly strictly controlled by the great leader who is revered as the god Kim Jong Un, and his main goal is to control the people and maintain their power and status. For example, in the event of a house fire, the portraits must first be restored, the punishments being handed down from generation to generation for three generations, but there are also strange laws in North Korea: the following is a very serious but a serious crime.

When smiling is forbidden

Kim Jong Un’s grandfather, Kim Ir Sen, who died in 1994, was a highly respected and revered leader, and the day of his death was declared a day of national mourning. Every year on July 8, people remember its former leader with grief, and tragedy is not only a feeling, but Expectation and duty Also: Laughing in the same way as loud talking, celebrating a birthday, dancing, joking and having fun is prohibited by law. Those without deep and spectacular grief will face punishment and may even be in a labor camp.

A few may own a car

The government dictates who can drive in a dictatorship, saying there should not be too much car traffic, although the country still has a ten-way highway. They restrict the purchase of cars, and very few residents can own this because it requires a special permit: mostly for male government officials and drivers only. Women can also get a license, but they cannot drive a car in the capital.

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The Bible is illegal

Freedom of religion is not allowed in the dictatorship, only Kim Jong Un can be revered as their only god, so it is illegal to keep the Bible at home. Anyone can be sent to a labor camp, but he can also be hanged – it has already happened. A woman was hanged for spreading the scripture, which is a summary of Western religion and culture in the country. However, according to some reports, a few hundred North Koreans already know the Bible.

International calls are prohibited

Residents of the dictatorship can only make domestic phone calls, but these are also restricted. The big leader is careful not to leak any information from the country, so he will not allow anyone to contact foreigners by phone. Today, a large portion of the population owns a mobile phone, but these are designed to allow only domestic traffic, and no unlicensed programs are installed on them. Residents who buy a tool on the black market and call another country can also face the death penalty.

Cruel, bizarre interests about North Korea

Dictatorship controls every part of people’s lives, and the rules are often not only extraordinary but also cruel. There are a lot of different things that many people do not know about the country Рwe have now collected some of them.