March 23, 2023

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10 Statistics That Will Take Your Mind Off The Bank Failure Scene

When the bank failure hit the headlines — one of the first questions was whether it would become a systemic risk problem And what will happen to the cryptocurrency market?? Silvergate Capital, one of the crypto industry’s most important lenders, started an “avalanche” when the company announced last Wednesday that it would cease operations and liquidate the bank, followed by a Silicon Valley bank specializing in tech startups. The sector collapsed on Friday, after all of this focused on crypto-lending, but Signature Bank, which is much bigger than Silvergate, was also ruled closed by the supervisory authority. Signature and Silvergate Two important financial banks for crypto companies, Nearly half of US VC-backed startups, including crypto-focused venture capital funds and some digital asset companies, have kept their money in Silicon Valley banks.

Despite the expected cash flow difficulties, analysts have Three credit institutions were very optimistic about the concept of Bitcoin and the future impact of bankruptcy, Bankruptcies, they say, only confirm that customers’ funds are no longer safe in regulated banks. This surge of sentiment helped fuel the spread of Bitcoin and the idea of ​​decentralized peer-to-peer networks (blockchains), and analysts believe that now uncertainties surrounding the traditional system may be resurfacing.

This condition can also be called hurray-hope To put it mildly, it stinks for the WSB community, which has seen a lot of crypto market crashes. Several memes have been created about the uncertainty of this theory, the most popular being:

But let’s be honest, when panic is at its peak, crypto-infrastructure isn’t necessarily high on the priority list:

Understandably, the specter of the 2008 credit crisis flashed at the forefront of the investor crowd.

An avalanche of bankruptcies began with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. It was no different (and is) on the Reddits forum, where small investors found many disturbing parallels between the situation in 2008 and the current situation – for example, think about the absurdity of the fact that one. Managers of the now-collapsed SVB bank hold executive positions at Lehman

But Schwab’s CEO’s assessment of the situation sounds eerily similar to a scene from the movie “The Big Throw,” describing the Lehman bankruptcy. In the seconds before the formal collapse, another bank manager speaks unreasonably prudently. Comparison video Here can see.

Yes, we know, we promised to show you funny memes that will make you take a step back and look at events from a different perspective, at least until the afternoon coffee. From now on, the center will actually focus on sitcoms, satire, witty self-reflection and self-criticism – Indeed, a society that has experienced the rise and fall of numerous commemorative stocks is based on these coping strategies.

As expected easing by the US Federal Reserve continues to drag on fears of a systemic meltdown, drag on equity markets. So volatility in stock markets is surprising, we’ve seen 180-degree changes in direction from one day to the next, and it’s no wonder we’re a little giddy over the weekend. One of the biggest mood-making events was the rescue of troubled Credit Suisse by the Swiss National Bank, which was certainly not attributed to the meme makers:

Additionally, we’ve seen many similar large-scale moves (think of the bailout of American First Republic Bank) in the stock market’s incredibly nervous rush. Reddits can feel right about buying a ticket to a casino trip with alcohol in the markets this week.

And in such an environment

Leaving what we expect from tomorrow’s markets to the chicken’s feed preferences can be considered an adequate investment strategy.

(Video Here)

With such ludicrous uncertainty, the Forum is skeptical of the proposition raised by Goldman Sachs. The US Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates at its meeting next week Due to pressure on the banking system. Fed governors have had a bad reputation in recent days, according to WallStreetBets. A kind of palm-rubbing-waiting-for-the-world attitude can be found in the forum by typingYes, Powell is going to leave again“.

In any case, it is important to emphasize that Forum trolls don’t take themselves seriously for a moment. One of the leading memes also exemplifies this self-reflection:

I am no longer an expert on the Russo-Ukraine war, but an expert on the spread of bank failures.

So WSB’s members don’t think of themselves as a medium worth listening to for making big investment decisions—yet, wandering around based on inspirations here is a better alternative than listening to CNBC’s anchor. , Jim Cramer. The guru, known for his big statements, tries to discredit the Forum at every opportunity. A month before its collapse, the “expert” recommended buying SVB’s shares (Video Here)

In such a highly emotional environment and general uncertainty, we feel that sometimes it is better to take a step back We should not allow an event that has no personal influence to affect our daily lives. Following this, and with a kind of closure, intended to highlight and frame the approach, we leave here another great monument, the message of which is this:

Yes, it could turn into a formal crisis, but ultimately we survived the former.

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